Selecting the Right Style of Window for Your Home

Shopping for new windows for your San Diego home can be an exciting opportunity to update the look and feel of your interior and exterior design. With so many window styles currently on the market, it’s never been easier to find a look you love. However, before picking out your dream window style, it’s important to remember that more than looks plays a factor in finding the right model for your home. To help ensure you select the right window style, we have put together a short buyer’s guide to match the window style to your unique needs.

Horizontal Sliding Windows
Pro: One of the most economical options on the market, easy to have installed and conveniently easy to clean and open.
Cons: Can never fully open, half of the window will always be closed.
If you are looking to fill a space with greater height than width, horizontal sliding windows may be the windows you’re looking for. These windows are easy to open and clean, however, they may be a safety hazard for small children, so make sure to have a safety screen properly installed.

Double Hung Windows
Pro: Comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, and offers a tilt-out design that makes them easy to clean.
Con: Not the most energy efficient option when purchased without weather stripping
Doubly hung windows are the most widely purchased window material in the country, due to their economical cost, easy opening, and aesthetic appeal. These windows work best if you aren’t looking to add any more ventilation onto your home.

Bay Windows
Pro: Allows more sunlight to enter the room with increased ventilation and added storage.
Con: Repairs can be expensive
Bay windows are the perfect choice for dining or sitting areas as they help open up the room and showcase exterior views. This window model typically involves three or more panels hung at various angles for a more panoramic effect.

Casement Windows
Pro: Increases the ventilation in a home, very energy efficient
Con: Can become difficult to close or latch over time
Casement windows are easy to open, crank-operated windows. This window style opens fully to the side making them the optimal choice for homeowners looking to increase the ventilation within their home or showcase views without obstruction.

With so many window styles available, choosing which one is right for your home can become a difficult task. That’s why we suggest speaking with a Pelican Replacement Windows team member, who can help you find a new windows San Marcos, CA model that fits your specific needs as a homeowner. Our team has decades of experience helping homeowners find their dream windows, and are ready to assist you with your window needs. Feel free to ask our team any questions you may have regarding a window style or project you would like to take on. To get started today, give us a call at (760) 598-6433 or visit us at 2210 La Mira Dr. Vista, CA 92081.

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