Signs of Faulty Window Installation

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Unprofessional window installation will often go undetected until the first exposure to extreme weather. This means new windows can go weeks or months before homeowners notice there is an issue. This is why it is so important to be on the lookout for signs of poor window installation on replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA. Here are just a few of the most common issues to watch for:

Messy Caulk

Caulk should be applied evenly with no gaps or cracks. The application takes patience and a steady hand. Caulk that is messy and uneven is a clear giveaway that installers did not dedicate their time to a proper installation. It often means the crew was rushing the job or didn’t clean properly. And if they didn’t manage to take of this simple detail, what else might they have missed during the installation?

Difficulty Opening and Closing

It is important to test replacement windows for easy operation as soon as they are installed. If homeowners wait, they could be in for a terrible surprise. New windows should open and close easily with no fuss. If new windows get stuck easily it is usually a sign of damage to the mechanical parts or improper alignment. It is a problem homeowners need to address right away.

Fogging Between the Panes

Some condensation on the exterior surfaces of windows is totally normal. But when windows start to fog between the panes, this should raise concerns. If this occurs, it is likely caused by structural damage or poor window installation. If homeowners notice excessive condensation between the panes of new windows they should contact the installer immediately.

replacement windows Carlsbad, CA

Gaps Between the Sill and Frame

Seeing sunlight filter through between the sill and frame is the most obvious sign of poor installation. It tells homeowners the installer didn’t measure properly and the mistake will make the home breezier than usual. These installations do little to help insulate the home and energy costs will shoot through the roof.

Drafts and Water Damage

Drafts and leaks coming from newly installed windows is an immediate red flag and a clear sign of an installation problem. Unfortunately, not all leaks are easy to spot. One test homeowners can do is to close all exterior windows and doors and then run all of the exhaust fans in the home. This will help create some negative pressure. Then pass a candle or incense stick around the window frames. If the flame or smoke pulls inward, it means windows are producing a draft and need to be sealed better.

Glass Stains or Discoloration

Over time some new windows might develop a yellowish tint to the glass. It is a problem easy to spot, but difficult to remove. It often is the result of the poorly installed window letting in water. Not something you want to see after just a few years of getting new windows.

To be most effective, replacement windows in Carlsbad CA need to come with reliable installation. Be sure to leave the job to the experts so you can avoid some of these major installation issues.

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