Signs you Need Replacement Windows in the Basement

The windows in the basement of your home are important, but often overlooked. This is especially true if you have an unfinished basement you mostly use for storage. Not only do windows give you light and ventilation, but they also provide security, safety, and insulation. You don’t want to put off getting replacement windows in San Diego, CA for too long. As soon as you start noticing some of these signs you should start thinking about it:  

Broken Glass 

Cracks in the glass are some of the most obvious signs your windows need repair or replacement. And because basement windows are on or below ground level, they are a little more susceptible to damage. Broken glass is not only dangerous and inefficient, but also an easy entrance for pests and other intruders. It isn’t worth the risk. You need to have broken windows repaired as soon as possible. And if professionals can’t replace the panes of glass, replacement windows are the only option.   


Moisture damage is a common problem in a lot of basements. And rotting around the window frame is something you want fixed right away. Wood windows are not as common today, but they are the most prone to moisture leaks. And with basement windows so close to the damp ground, these windows are even more susceptible. You might notice that the frames around your windows are starting to discolor, sag, warp, and get moldy. If not treated the problem will only get worse and cause further damage. You want to replace these windows with frames with a material that is more resistant to moisture, like vinyl or fiberglass.   


Speaking of moisture damage, have you noticed condensation forming on the panes of your basement windows? This can come from a combination of factors including the temperature and humidity. Most often you can improve ventilation or use a dehumidifier and get rid of the problem quickly enough. But if you notice fog forming between the panes, you have a larger issue on your hands. This means the inert gas sealed between the panes has leaked out and the window is no longer energy efficient. There is no real repair for this type of window failure. The only solution is usually replacement windows.   

Difficult Operation 

Windows in the basement often fall into disrepair, whether from a lack of use or proper maintenance. Maybe debris piles up in the tracks or hinges don’t get lubrication, and before long you can’t open, close, or lock your basement windows. This can be a huge safety risk, especially if there is an emergency. Don’t get caught in a crisis with a basement window that you can’t open. Do what you can to keep all of your windows maintained and operational. Otherwise you might need to invest in new windows that meet standard building codes.   

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