Simple Winter Window Maintenance Tips

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Winter means shorter days, darker nights, and colder temperatures. And a lot of homeowners think that means they can cut back on window cleaning. But winter conditions, even when they are fairly mild, can do a number on old windows. This will be especially true if you need replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA. It is important to clean and maintain your windows all year long. Here are some maintenance tips you should follow this winter.


1. Inspect Your Windows

The first thing you should do is inspect your windows at least once a month. Check around the window frame for signs of leaks or water damage. You should also look for cracked or broken glass, warping, rot, or decay. It is also important to test window operation, even though you don’t need your windows open very much in winter. These little inspections will allow you to spot any problems and issues early before they get worse.


2. Clean Your Windows Inside & Out

Keeping your windows clean, especially in winter, will increase their longevity. In winter there is an even greater buildup of pollutants, dirt, debris, dust, and grime. Over time this will impact not only the glass but also the mechanisms on the window. So be sure to wash windows inside and out with mild detergent and water. Or, if it is too cold outside, swap for a vinegar or alcohol cleaner that will not freeze. Don’t use hot water in winter to wash your windows, or the temperature differential could produce disastrous results.


3. Reapply Sealant & Weather StrippingReplacement Window in Carlsbad CA

When inspecting your windows, you also should check your calk and weather stripping for air leaks. With time, the seals on your windows will wear out and break down. And every winter you want to be sure those seals are intact so you can maintain efficiency and keep your home comfortable. Sometimes you may not be able to see visible cracks, but you can feel the air leaking in. With a trip to the hardware store, you can get all you need to make these relatively simple repairs.


4. Install Insulating Curtains

In winter you want to keep your windows insulated. One easy way to do this is with insulating window treatments. Options include cellular shades, heavy drapes, or interior shutters. Any of these installations can help trap cold air around the windows so it doesn’t leech into the home. That said, you also want to make sure you ventilate around your windows. This will help eliminate condensation and humidity that can cause icing on the surface of your windows. So make sure to open the window coverings on occasion and circulate the air.

For more tips about window maintenance in winter or replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA contact our experts today. We can help you find the best products for your home so that you can keep comfortable all winter long. Set up a no-obligation consultation today.

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