Solve 6 Common Problems with Replacement Windows

As windows age and start to break down a number of problems can surface. But because they come about so gradually most homeowners don’t even associate these issues with their windows until something drastic happens. What they often seem to forget is windows do much more than simply offer a good view of the outdoors. And when they break down it can impact day to day life in different ways. Here are just a few of the problems homeowners can solve by investing in replacement windows in Escondido, CA:

1. High Energy Bills

Over time the seals on old windows breakdown and fail. And when a window loses its insulating value it will start showing up on energy bills. Research indicates old windows can lose as much as 30% of the energy used to heat or cool the home. With replacement windows, homeowners can get modern products with improved technologies. These will seal the home, reduce heat transfer, and help homeowners retain hundreds of dollars in energy savings per year.

2. Insufficient Natural Light

The design, style, and placement of old windows can result in a lack of natural light. And it is probably something homeowners don’t even know they are missing out on because they are so accustomed to living in dim or artificial light. But natural light has so many benefits. It can boost productivity, help maintain healthy circadian rhythms, and improve mood and wellness. Choosing the right style and placement of new windows could add some much needed natural light to the home.

3. Little Ventilation

Along with a lack of natural light, old windows might also produce very little ventilation. This can increase pollutants in the home and lower air quality. Today window professionals know even more about window placement and ways to foster natural air circulation. This is especially important for homeowners with severe allergies or respiratory problems.

4. Noise Pollution

This isn’t normally a problem for most homeowners, and few people really consider this a feature. But old windows transfer more noise, especially when they begin to wear out. Homeowners can choose replacement windows with extra panes of glass and special laminate coatings to put a damper on unwanted noise. This makes the home quieter. It might be something to consider for homes located near busy public streets or near an airport.

5. Lack of Safety and Security

Old windows can quickly become a safety hazard, especially when parts start to stick and windows are difficult to open, close, and latch. Modern windows have special features meant to improve safety and security. A few technologies include safety glass, stronger locks and latches, and more durable window frames.

6. Tedious and Costly Maintenance

Over the years windows will start to show signs of wear, and keeping up with maintenance can become a costly chore. Replacement windows have resilient frames that do not require a lot of upkeep and maintenance.

If you are tired of the old windows in your home and are ready to solve some of these common problems contact Pelican Replacement Windows. As a full service window company, we specialize in sales and installation. Contact us at (760) 598-6422 for a quote on replacement windows in Escondido, CA. Or visit our location at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081 to check out some of our newest products.

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