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If you have been excited about getting replacement windows in Del Mar, CA, then you have probably been waiting on installation day for a long time. Soon your vision will come to life! The very last thing you want to do is slow the process down in any way. Did you know there are things you should do to prepare your home that will help speed along with the installation? Here are just a few steps you should take before the crews arrive:

Clear the Area Outside

Starting outside you want to clear the area immediately surrounding your windows. This might mean moving outdoor planters, pots, and furniture. It could also mean trimming back branches and shrubs or transplanting some prized petunias. Workers try to keep most of the work and debris outside, and clearing the area will help the process run more smoothly.

Clear the Area Inside

Once you are done with the outside, it is time to move inside. Again, you want to move all of the furniture away from the windows to give the workers room. Push everything against a far wall and out of the way of the door.

Remove Window Treatments

Next, it is time to take down the window coverings. Removing blinds, curtains, and curtain rods might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many times the crew shows up on a job site to find these items still in place. Having the crew remove them will slow things down.

Take Down Wall Decorations

You will also want to remove any other wall hangings in proximity to the windows. Workers do their best to be careful, but window removal does require some demolition. And while they are focusing on the job at hand they might not notice the picture rattling off the hook nearby.

Cover the Furniture

Most installation crews will bring drop cloths to use in the area immediately surrounding the windows. But it would be wise to cover any furniture you can with sheeting, tarps, or blankets. This will keep down dust and debris, and make clean up a breeze.

Clear a Path

The crew will be walking in and out of the home multiple times with tools, supplies, and products. You want to be sure the main paths around your home are unobstructed. Be sure to pick up any rugs, chords, or toys that might get in the way.

Uncover the Outlets

Some portions of window installation will require the use of power tools. The crew will thank you if you leave outlets uncovered and easy to access.

Deactivate the Alarm System

You should call your alarm company ahead of the installation date and make sure you can get your sensors deactivated. The last thing you want is alarms or sensors constantly triggering while the installers work on your house.

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Take Care of Pets and Small Children

You also want to be sure you have small children and small pets contained in an area where they will not be underfoot. This might mean sending them to a neighbor during installation or keeping them in an interior room in the house.

Remain Onsite

It is important for the homeowner to be close by while the installers are working. This way, if an issue or question arises you can work together to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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