Steps for Inspecting Your Old Windows

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As windows age, they start to wear out and break down. This is why routine inspection both inside and outside your windows is so important, especially if your windows are more than fifteen years old. That way damage doesn’t go unnoticed and you know exactly when it is the right time for replacement windows in El Cajon, CA. Here are a few steps to follow when inspecting your windows:

Make Sure they Open, Close, and Lock Properly

Test the operation of your windows. They should open and close smoothly with little effort. If a window doesn’t open and close easily, it is more than a mere inconvenience. It could prove to be a real hazard in case of an emergency. You also want to test all of the locks and latches, making sure they work to secure the sash in place.

Examine the Frame Inside and Out

The window frame holds the structural integrity for the entire assembly. You want to be sure the frame of your window is in good shape, both inside and outside. With time it can start to warp, rust, rot, or corrode in other ways. The moment you start to notice signs of damage you will want to be on the lookout for leaks and other issues that might begin to arise.

Check for Broken Glass

You would think the broken glass is usually pretty obvious. But if a crack is small or in an out of the way corner of the window you might not notice it for months. This may not seem like a big deal. But even if you have double glazing and only one panel of glass is cracked, it will compromise the efficiency of your windows.

Inspect Caulk and Weather Stripping

Caulk and weather-stripping are also important for the efficiency of your windows. With exposure to the elements and extreme temperature fluctuations, these elements will break down and stop performing as they should. In most cases, you can remove damaged caulk or weather stripping and reapply the material to reseal the window.

Watch Out for Signs of Water Damage

Water leaks are especially troublesome. A small leak can go unnoticed for a long time, especially if you don’t know what to watch for. Check for any signs of discoloration around the window. You might also notice peeling paint or small patches of mold. The moment your notice moisture getting inside when it shouldn’t, you will want to get replacement windows.

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Pay Attention to Condensation between the Panes

Fogging between the panes is not a good sign. It means the seals on the insulated glazing unit (IGU) have failed. The inert gas between the panes has leaked out and the window has lost a significant amount of insulation. If you see condensation between the panes the only viable solution is replacement windows.

Inspect and Clear the Weep Holes

The weep holes on the exterior of the window allow moisture to flow and leak out as it should. But dirt and debris can often accumulate inside the weep holes and stop them up. If this happens you should take a small putty knife or wooden toothpick and try to carefully remove the blockage.

Inspections are important. They will help you get familiar with your windows so you will notice when something is going wrong. An inspection is also one of the best ways to decide if the time is right for replacement windows in El Cajon, CA.

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