Tips for Getting the Most Accurate Quote on Window Replacement

Window replacement in Escondido, CA is a sizeable investment. And unfortunately, quotes for this project can be all over the map. Once you start looking for new windows there are so many factors to consider. The window frame material, style, special features, glazing technologies, and installation all contribute to the cost. So instead of walking into your design consultation unprepared, here are a few things you should think about if you want to get the most accurate quote.   

  1. Overall Architectural Style of your Home

Before you start looking at replacement windows, look closely at your home. What style would you say your home is? Traditional Craftsman? Mid-Century Modern? Ranch Style? Bungalow? Contemporary? You want your replacement windows to compliment the architectural style of your home. Once you pin that down you can move forward choosing the frame material and window style.   

  1. Top Choice for Window Frame Material

This is often the most difficult decision homeowners make regarding new windows. There are four main materials to consider: vinyl, aluminum, wood (wood clad), and fiberglass. Vinyl windows offer excellent insulation and require little maintenance. But they only come in select colors you can’t change once they are installed. Aluminum windows are strong, slim, and durable. But they require thermal breaks to provide enough energy efficiency. Few people choose all wood windows unless it is a requirement for historical preservation. But wood clad windows are still a popular choice if you want to evoke the warm, traditional aesthetic only natural wood can provide. And fiberglass is a happy meeting of all materials. It is strong, durable, versatile, and highly efficient. It is also one of the most expensive. Before your consultation go over the basics of these materials and figure out your preferences.   

  1. Form, Function,and Size of New Windows 

You do not have to choose replacement windows that are the exact same style as your existing windows. Choose window styles that will look and perform as you want them to. Mix it up with casement, single hung, double hung, or sliding windows. Choose a bay or bow window for your living room to make a statement. Or try clerestory windows high up on the wall for more natural light. No matter what you decide, one important factor is knowing the size of your windows, because that will largely dictate the price. So the more accurate the measurements, the more accurate the quote.   

  1. Energy Saving Technologies 

In California, you do not want to skimp on energy efficiency. Your windows should protect you from radiant heat, energy losses, and harsh UV rays. So you want to pay attention to the glazing technologies on replacement windows. The standard for windows is two panes of glass. Manufactures seal them together to create an insulated glass unit (IGU). And between the glass panes is an inert gas meant to help improve insulation and prevent heat transfer, both in and out. Last but not least, there are several special coatings you can choose to apply to the glass that will block unwanted heat and light.   

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