Tips for Keeping Replacement Windows on Budget

When homeowners decide to upgrade to replacement windows in Escondido, CA they know their project will come with several benefits. It will improve energy savings, increase the value of the home, keep occupants safe, and improve aesthetics both inside and out. But despite all the benefits, getting new windows is still a big investment. Here are some tips to help keep the project on a budget:

Discuss Your Priorities

Windows do more than just give homeowners a great view of the backyard. They let in natural light and ventilation. They provide insulation and protection from the elements. They offer security against intruders. They enhance the aesthetics of the home both inside and out. And while most windows provide these functions to some degree, they don’t all perform them the same. So it is important to establish your priorities and spend your money on the areas that matter most.

Choose the Right Frame Material

Windows come in four main materials: vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Each material has unique pros and cons that homeowners need to be aware of. They also have certain price points. The most affordable options are usually vinyl and aluminum. The more expensive options are usually wood and fiberglass. It would be beneficial to sit down with a window professional and figure out which material will provide the most value for the area and climate.

Stick to Standard Sizes and Styles

To keep a project on budget, homeowners might want to avoid too much customization. It is more affordable to choose standard windows in standard sizes. This is why construction grade windows are usually picture windows, sliding windows, and casement windows. Larger installations like bay windows, bow windows, and garden windows have a higher price tag. And overlarge or custom windows will cost even more.

Understand Your Glazing Options

Glazing is more than just glass stuck inside a frame. There are several parts and features to consider like additional panes of glass, different gas fills, safety glass, and special coatings. Each added feature comes at an added price, but not each upgrade will be worth the cost. For example, adding an extra pane of glass might be beneficial in areas with more extreme temperatures. But windows in areas with a mild climate are plenty efficient with just two. Again, sitting down with a local professional, homeowners can make sure they get only the upgrades they need.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Homeowners do not have to purchase windows from the first company they sit down with. In fact, it is beneficial to get estimates from three different companies and compare. That way they know they are getting the best prices and the best service.

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