Tips for Proper Care of Replacement Windows

Clean windows make a home feel well kept, spacious, and more welcoming. It also makes the home more appealing and can boost curb appeal. Dirty windows often accomplish the opposite. Not to mention that unkempt windows have a shorter lifespan. This is why it is so important to keep replacement windows in Escondido, CA clean and well maintained. Here are just a few tips to help you out this summer:

1. Know the Right Time to Wash

A lot of people end up washing windows on a bright, sunny day. But turns out this is not an ideal time for window cleaning. The heat from the sun can dry the windows out faster than you can wipe the whole thing clean. This often leaves streaks and grime behind. It can also result in scratches on the window. So a better time to clean and maintain your windows is on an overcast day or in the early morning or late evening. Do it while the sun is still up, but heat will be less of an issue.

2. Use the Correct Cleaners

You don’t have to pay top dollar on specialized cleaners for your windows. In fact, replacement windows require very little in the way of cleaning and maintenance as long as you keep up with the routine. All you need to wash the frames is water, a cloth, a soft bristle brush, and a mild detergent. Then use vinegar and water or a generic glass cleaner on the panes. Older windows with tough stains might need more powerful cleaning products and a little more elbow grease. But usually, with enough effort, you can get these windows looking new as well.

3. Dry With the Best Materials

Seems like everyone has their own secret method for a streak-free shine on windows. Some swear by using newspaper. Others prefer the absorption of paper towels. We like to recommend using a microfiber cloth. They are soft, lint free, absorbent, and reusable. And for a more polished shine try buffing the glass once it is dry with a clean blackboard eraser.

4. Never Use Abrasives, Harsh Chemicals, or Power Washers

If you want your windows to last then you want to keep cleaning practices as gentle as possible. There is no faster way to shorten the lifespan on windows than using the wrong products. There is never any reason to use abrasives, harsh chemicals, or power washers on your windows. Doing so could scratch the coatings on the glass, strip away paint, or damage the seals in the assembly. You don’t want to be the reason why your windows failed.

If you want your windows to last you need to perform routine cleaning and maintenance. For more tips on keeping your windows in top shape contact Pelican Replacement Windows. You can call (760) 598-6422 with any questions you may have. Or if you think you might need replacement windows in Escondido, CA visit us at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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