Top 10 Benefits of Replacement Windows in Del Mar, CA

If you have an older home and your windows are more than 20 years old you might notice some problems popping up. Are their air leaks? Do you notice condensation forming on or between the panes of glass? Are the frames warped, rusted, rotted, or damaged? Have you noticed energy expenses going up year after year? All of these stem from the need for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. But it is such a costly investment, and many homeowners wonder if the benefits are really worth it. Why not judge for yourself? Replacement windows:

1. Require Less Maintenance
Modern materials and technologies make most replacing windows almost maintenance free. All homeowners need to clean windows and keep them looking like new is a little mild detergent and warm water. Simply wash the windows every couple of weeks, lubricate the tracks every couple of months, and inspect them for signs of damage every season.

2. Outlast Older Materials
Window manufacturing has come leaps and bounds in the last few decades. The materials used in new windows are stronger, more durable, and UV resistant. Depending on the material and the maintenance routine, new windows can last for thirty years or more.

3. Improve Comfort
When it comes to new windows, insulation is key. Today building codes have special stipulations about how efficient a window needs to be. To find out the ratings homeowners can check the energy labels on replacement windows and compare the U-factor, solar heat gains coefficient, and air leakage rating to find the best product to keep their home cool in summer and warm in winter.

4. Reduce Energy Costs
Another benefit of better insulating materials and technologies is energy savings. Depending on the age and condition of older windows, homeowners can expect replacement windows to save as much as 30 percent annually on their energy bills.

5. Down Noise Pollution
Most homeowners don’t consider noise pollution until it is gone. That’s right, modern windows don’t only block unwanted heat transfer. They can also reduce outside noise making homes a more peaceful oasis. This is something to consider if clients live near an airport, school, or busy street.

6. Come in Various Colors and Styles
Today the options are almost limitless. Customers can find windows to match any architectural style or personal taste. Want modern and neutral? Or bold and eclectic? There is a color and style of replacement window for that.

7. Are Easier to Install
Today the best professional installers get instruction and training directly from the manufacturer. They know their products inside and out and can remove and install a new window in as little as one hour. A full project of 10 to 15 windows will only take a couple of days to complete.

8. Boost the Resale Value
In this market selling a home can get tricky. But if a homeowner is looking for an improvement project that will give them the best return on their investment, they should look no further than replacement windows.

9. Are More Affordable
With so many options on the market, homeowners are sure to find replacement windows to fit their needs and their budget.

10. Might Qualify for Tax Rebates
In California, there are some tax incentives to upgrading to more energy efficient windows. But you will have to talk with a professional to make sure you choose the right products to qualify.

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