Top Advantages of Vinyl Windows

You have finally decided to replace the windows in your home and probably have a lot of questions, especially regarding materials. When choosing replacement windows you have a lot of options. One of the more popular materials on the market is vinyl. They are a great option for your home in San Diego, CA because of their many benefits. Curious about how vinyl windows will work in your home? Read on to find out why they make such a great choice.

What are Vinyl Windows?

The window frames are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a construction material made of plastic. Not only is it durable, but also has a high R-Value, which measures the level of insulation.

Leading Benefits of Vinyl Windows

With vinyl windows you get:

More Design Options

You do not have to compromise on esthetics. Though design options for vinyl windows are a bit limited (vinyl windows cannot be painted), you still have a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Want the vinyl to look like wood? Manufactures can make that happen. In addition, many vinyl window manufacturers offer custom designs if you have something special in mind for your home.

Weather Resistance

The flexible material is highly adaptable to both seasonal and extreme weather changes. Hot, cold, damp, dry? It doesn’t really matter. The vinyl windows will not expand and contract as much as other materials. It also won’t absorb any water or warp due to exposure. Even the color will hold up for 20+ years.


Some people believe that because these windows are made of plastic they won’t hold up. The truth is these windows are less likely to warp, chip, crack, or be destroyed by pests. And, even if it gets scratched, the material is the same throughout and you will not even notice the marring. The material will not rust or corrode.

Increased Energy Savings

Vinyl windows have an excellent insulation level. Hot and cold will not easily transfer through. Basically this means your home will stay warmer when it is cold outside, and cooler when it is hot outside. It also means you can save on your energy bills throughout the year.

Lower Maintenance

If you have ever had to refinish wood windows, then you know this is a huge benefit. You will never have to sand or strip these windows for repainting or staining. To keep vinyl windows looking like new all you need is a damp cloth and maybe some mild detergent.

Affordable Pricing

Of all window materials, vinyl is the least expensive for standard windows. This doesn’t mean they are cheaply made. It just means you get a great window at a great price.

Green Materials

One thing about PVC is that it can be recycled more than once. By choosing vinyl windows you can, in a small way, improve the environment.

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