Vinyl Window Rebates are back for a limited time!

Vinyl Window Rebates are back for a limited time!

Milgard, the largest vinyl window manufacturer on the west coast, has added another incentive for homeowners to move ahead with their new window plans, a $10 rebate on each Tuscany®, Style Line ™, Montecito®, Woodclad™ or Ulta™ Series window and door they purchase.

We are proud to be one of the top retrofit window dealers in all of San Diego County. With the addition of a $10 rebate on each window and door purchased, now is a great time to update your windows & doors while saving money and becoming more energy efficient! There are some minimum purchase requirements so check the Manufacturers Promotions section of the website for all the details.

In the heat and the cold those homeowners with the older, single pane, windows are really feeling the cost of having that extra energy go out the windows.  The #1 improvement you can make is to replace those old aluminum windows with new vinyl windows.

The real magic in keeping your home cooler is the advancement in the Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coatings used in the glass today.  The amount of heat from the sun that is reflected back out and not allowed to transfer into your home is remarkable.

Now is the time to consider changing to energy efficient windows. With the hot summer days or cold winter night and higher electric bills, to the manufacturers rebates to help with cost, act today and have your new windows installed in less than 3 weeks!


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