Ways to Boost Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Curb appeal is important, especially if you are looking to sell your home. It presents the first impression and is a major factor in whether or not prospective buyers will put in an offer. It is a good place to invest your time and money. And luckily there are several different things you can do to boost curb appeal. From power washing to investing in replacement windows in Vista, CA, here are a few ideas to consider:

Power Wash the Exterior

Something as simple as spraying off the outside of the home can have a huge impact. Imagine all the dirt, sap, and debris that has accumulated over the years. That isn’t something a couple of rainstorms can wash off. Try investing in your own power washer or hire a professional to come out and spray down your home. Just be sure you don’t spray directly at the windows, because that could break the seals.

Apply Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint another affordable way to give your home a facelift. You can start by updating the door and trim, or you can repaint everything. The options are endless.

Update the Hardware

Do you still have the exterior fixtures and hardware that came with the house? These generic installations do very little to set your home apart. You can easily swap them out for more modern designs. Black or copper fixtures are really popular right now. You can also update your mailbox and house numbers. These details will help set your home apart.

Tend to the Landscaping

An overgrown yard can be a huge deterrent for potential buyers. This is why routine maintenance is so important. Keep the lawn manicured and the garden beds fully stocked. You should also consider adding illumination to walkways and the front flowerbeds. Not only does this improve aesthetics, but it is also a safety feature.

Replace the Siding

Now we are going to dip into a few home improvements that are a bit of an investment. New siding will not only update the exterior of the home, but also increase the home’s value. There are so many options you are sure to find something that works for style, durability, and budget.

Install a New Roof

In addition to the siding, you might want to consider replacing the roof. People don’t realize it, but the roof can account for as much as 40 percent of a home’s appearance from the curb. You want something that will complement the rest of the home, but also hold up.

Invest in Replacement Windows

Dilapidated windows do more than just ruin curb appeal. They are a major deterrent because buyers know old windows are not energy efficient and it is a project they will have to tackle in the near future. Fortunately, replacement windows will add value to your home and you can get an excellent return on your investment.

If you are looking to sell your home and know your windows are more than 20 years old, consider getting replacement windows in Vista, CA. Our experts can help you find the right products at the right price. Contact Pelican Replacement Windows today. You can visit our showroom at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081. Or to set up a consultation, call (760) 598-6422.

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