What are Double Hung Windows?

When searching for new windows for your San Diego home, you will be faced with a number of choices. You will have to make decisions on the type of material, size, and style you are looking for. These decisions will make a dramatic difference in the energy efficiency capabilities, savings potential, and the amount of upkeep and maintenance you can expect from your windows. One style that offers a number of benefits for homeowners is double hung windows. Here, we will discuss what double hung windows are and how they can benefit your home.

Double hung windows are one of the most popular window styles in the country. They easily blend in with any style home and open and shut by sliding up and down. Double hung windows often feature dividers (or muntins) that divide each pane of glass. They are also spring-mounted which makes them safer than similar window styles on the market.

One reason homeowners love double hung windows is their remarkable versatility. You can find double hung windows in almost any shape, size or color. Double hung windows can also be purchased in nearly any window material.

When comparing double hung windows to casement windows, you’ll find that double hung windows are more convenient for holding air conditioner units or screens due to their straightforward design. Double hung windows are also incredibly low maintenance, especially with newer tilt-out models that make cleaning much easier.

Finally, many homeowners love double hung windows for the energy efficiency they bring to the home. Most quality double hung windows come with weather stripping that does an efficient job of insulating your home and keeping heating and air conditioning indoors where it belongs. For optimal insulation and energy efficiency, it’s important that your double hung windows are installed by professionals since the measurements must be exact to receive the full benefits.

Double Hung windows are one of the most economical window styles on the market, making them the perfect option for homeowners on a budget. Despite their low price, double pane windows Del Mar, CA come with one of the longest shelf lives on the market, saving you even more money since you will have more time between window replacements.

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