What Are Gliding Windows?

You have a lot of decisions to make in your everyday life. What will you wear? What time do you have to get up? What are you making for supper? The daily questions are endless. When it comes time to replace your windows in your San Diego home, it would be nice if the choices were obvious. But you have a lot of decisions to make there too. And they matter a lot. The windows you choose will impact the way your home looks and functions. Those decisions will determine how much you spend on utilities and many other things in your home and life.

It is important to take time with these important decisions. It is also a good idea to consult experts. Face it, you don’t replace your windows on daily basis. You don’t want to! But there are people that DO works with windows each and every day. Like the professionals at Pelican Replacement Windows. They can tell you what all the ratings mean, which windows are best, and what might work well for your needs in San Diego.

The experts at Pelican Replacement Windows can also answer questions like what are gliding windows? It’s nice to know a few details going into the process so you can make informed decisions.

Gliding windows have sashes that operate horizontally so you can get top to bottom ventilation on the entire window. The sash does not open outward so these windows save a lot of space inside or outside your home. You don’t have to have a window sticking out over a sidewalk or patio or into your home in order to get a breeze through the home.

Gliding windows have easy to open latches and then, you simply push them open to the size. There are a number of different companies that offer gliding windows and Pelican Replacement Windows can show you all the options. Andersen Windows are among the favorites as they have durable, time-tested windows that are available in custom colors including woods and stains.

There are plenty of advantages to having gliding windows in your home windows San Diego, CA. If you want to have a nice breeze through your home, the windows can be opened completely without a window in the way. Just slide the window out of the way and you get a top to bottom ventilation situation without any cumbersome cranks or windowpanes stopping you.

Call the professionals at Pelican Replacement Windows at 760-598-6422 and ask more questions about gliding windows. We’ve been in business since the 1980s and we know all there is to know about these windows and every other option on the market. You’re welcome to visit our showroom and see examples of gliding windows yourself. We’re located at 2210 La Mirada Drive, Vista, CA 92081 and we have staff members on hand to show you around. Our highest goal is to make sure your home ends up with the exact right windows. We’re anxious to get started on your window replacement project!

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