What Causes Leaky Windows?

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It is common for windows to start developing leaks as they get older. Most builder-grade windows only last 10 to 15 years. And leaky windows are a concern because they can cause heat loss, condensation, moisture damage, and mold growth. Eventually, you will need to get replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. But what causes leaks in the first place? Here are some of the most common factors to watch out for.  

  1. Manufacturing Flaws

It is rare, but on occasion, a window will come off the conveyor belt with an issue due to improper manufacturing. This is perhaps the most difficult, because nothing is more frustrating than getting new windows in and then discovering one of them is already leaking. Luckily this is rare, because most products go through rigorous testing before leaving the factory.  

  1. Damage During Transit

Another rare occurrence is windows sustaining damage during transit when they get shipped from the manufacturer. Again, this is why it is so important for windows to get a thorough inspection upon arrival so that the problem can be addressed before leaks become a major problem.  

  1. Poor Window Installation 

Faulty window installation is one of the most common causes of window leaks. So many people try to install their own replacement windows in an effort to save money. But window installation takes skill, training, and a collection of specialty tools for an airtight installation. That is why this is one job that is best left to professional installation crews 

  1. Low-Quality Windows

Another way people often try to save money on new windows is by choosing the cheapest products on the market. What they might not understand is these builder-grade windows are made with subpar materials. These products will wear out and break down much faster, which leads to people spending more money to replace them much sooner.  

  1. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations replacement windows Del Mar, CA

The materials like the glass and the frame on windows have different rates of thermal expansion. And if these windows get exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations it can take a toll on the seals. Eventually, the seals will not be able to keep up with all the fluctuations.  

  1. Accidental Damage

Accidental damage is another common cause of window leaks. If a window gets struck too hard it can break the glass. And even if just one pane of glass on a double-glazed unit gets broken the window is no longer considered to be energy efficient. The inert gas leaks out and the window no longer insulates as it is meant to.  

  1. Regular Wear and Tear

With time and use the seals on your windows will eventually wear out. In some cases, you can replace the caulk and weather stripping. But if the glass on an insulated glazing unit starts to show signs of leaks, it will be time for replacement windows.  

You want your windows to last at least fifteen years before you start worrying about leaks. But if you start to notice signs of a leaky window you will want to start planning for replacement windows in Del Mar, CA sooner rather than later.

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