What to Consider Before Buying New Windows

Shopping for windows for new home windows can be an exciting and creative experience for many San Diego homeowners. Between Pinterest, home improvement blogs, and countless interior design magazines, there has never been an easier time to find inspiration for your new windows. However, before you dive head first into window styles and designs, it’s important to take necessary factors into consideration prior to making any decisions on which windows you would like to purchase. To simplify the shopping process we have made a short list of tips to keep in mind to ensure you love the windows you purchase.

Know What to Look for In Energy Efficient Windows
Energy efficiency is often as important to homeowners as the overall look of their windows. Not only can the right energy efficient windows make your home more comfortable, but they can also save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly energy bills. Still, not all energy efficient windows are created equal, so homeowners should know what they are looking for prior to shopping. You will want to ask about the window Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (the amount of solar heat the enters a window), Air Leakage (how much air passes through joints and cracks) and their Condensation Resistance (how well the window resists water build up). Each of these factors plays an important role in the overall energy efficiency of the window.

Consider the Exterior Elements of Your Home
The majority of homeowners hope that new windows will help to bring more natural light into their home, however, this cannot occur without proper planning. It’s important to be aware of which side of your house receives the most light, at what time of day, and what landscaping elements may get in the way. For example, it may not help your home to place a window where it will be blocked by shrubbery unless you are hoping to cool the house. Know the primary goals and expectations of your new windows to determine the right placements. If you still have trouble figuring it out, discuss your options with a window expert.

Know What Material Is Best for Your Home
Every window frame material comes with its own list of benefits and disadvantages. To determine which material is the right fit for you, make sure you are clear on the needs of your home. Ask yourself about your priorities. Is it energy efficiency? Affordability? Determining what’s most important for your windows will help you find a material that suits those needs.

Like all home improvement projects, planning can make all the difference. At Pelican Replacement Windows, we understand buying new windows El Cajon, CA can be a complicated process, which is why our team of window experts will consider the important factors for you so you know you’ll always receive the most for your money. To speak with one of our expert team members give us a call at (760) 598-6422 or visit us in person at 2210 La Mirada Dr. Vista, CA 92081.

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