What to Expect During the Installation of New Windows

Have you decided to move forward on getting new windows in Escondido, CA? Congratulations! You probably have some questions about the installation process. While it may seem simple, the process is very detailed and one small mistake could be disastrous for you and your new windows. That is why it is so important to hire a professional installation team you can trust to do the job right. Here is a general summary of what you can expect during the installation process:   

Appointment Confirmation 

A couple of days before your installation someone from the company will contact you about your appointment. They will want to confirm the date and nail down any details about the installation. If you have any questions about the process, then now is a good time to ask. They will also probably give you instructions about how to prepare your home. You should remove blinds, shades, and curtains. You might also want to move any wall hangings in proximity to your windows. That way the crew can get right to work the moment they arrive.   

Job Walkthrough  

On the day of installation, the head of the crew will walk through your home, going over the replacement windows on the schedule. This gives the job foreman the chance to get familiar with your home and which areas they workers will need access too. Based on the number of windows, site conditions, and whether the job foreman can give you a more precise time of completion.   

Site Prep 

Before getting started the crew will place covers over your floors and furniture. They will set up any scaffolding they might need and create a work site for any demolition. Because there is some demolition involved in window removal, you can expect some dust and construction debris. But professional installers will do what they can to mitigate mess and clean up after themselves.   

Removal of Old Windows 

The crew is ready to get started. Window removal might require the use of saws, prey bars, and strength. Workers will do all they can to help protect your home and property during window removal to make sure there isn’t damage. Then they cart the old windows out and make room for the new windows.   

Installation of New Windows 

Often installers place the new window as soon as the old window is out.  Working just one window at a time cuts down on the home’s exposure to the outdoors. It also means there are no openings left exposed if workers have to continue into the next day. Once the new windows are in place and level with shims the installers seal and cap the outside. The average crew can replace about 10 windows in a day depending on the size and style of windows and weather conditions.   

Completion and Cleanup 

For larger projects window installation might bleed into the next day. When all the windows are clad and the job is complete the team will clear away the mess and leave no trace. The foreman will do one final walkthrough. They will show you each window, go over the basics of operation and maintenance, and answer any additional questions you may have.   

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