What to Expect During Window Installation

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Once you decide on a window contractor and purchase your replacement windows in El Cajon, CA it is time for window installation. It is natural to have concerns about the installation, especially when you don’t know what to expect. The good news is the process for window installation is quick and efficient. You don’t have to worry about dust from the renovation or your home being exposed to the elements overnight. Here are some general steps to the process you can expect:

Site Check

Upon arrival, the job foreman will walk around the home and confirm the details of the project. They will also make sure their crew has access to the areas they need to and make sure the site is ready for installation. Before now you should have prepared your home by removing window coverings as well as any decorations that might obstruct the workers’ access to the windows. If everything is in order the crew can start work

Site Preparation

Before removing any windows, the installation crew is going to take measures to help mitigate the mess of renovation. They will but down sheeting and drop cloths around the windows to catch dust and debris. They may also up a tarp on the outside if the weather is being uncooperative. This will help keep the space clean and dry and also make clean up more efficient. Once the site is ready they will start unloading their tools and supplies.

Window Removal

Replacing windows is a progressive renovation, meaning the crew will remove only one or two windows at a time and immediately replace them. This limits the amount of time the home is exposed to the outdoors. To remove a window they must first pry off the casing. Windows can be removed from inside or outside depending on the age and style of the windows.

Measuring and Preparing the Opening

Before placing the new window the installation crew will make sure there is no rot, mold, or moisture damage around the opening. They will also use shims to make sure the opening is the level and the proper size.

Window Installation

Installers will loosely attach the window to make sure it is plumb and square and that it operates correctly. Once they have made any necessary adjustments they will secure the window in place, install the stops, insulate, and seal all the gaps and edges. Then they will clad the exterior and move on to the next window.

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Clean Up and Inspection

Seasoned professionals can install as many as ten windows in a day. Larger projects may require two days or bleed into a third depending on the style and placement of the windows. When the project is complete the crew will clean up all the sheeting, dust, and debris. Then the job foreman should perform a final inspection of all the windows to make sure everything has been installed properly. They will also address any questions the homeowner might have about the operation, maintenance, and warranty. That’s it!

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