What to Know about Black Frames on Replacement Windows

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Are you getting replacement windows in Carlsbad, CA? You have probably seen a lot of bold, black window frames. They are a popular way to add appeal and contrast to the exterior and interior of the home. But can these windows stand the test of time? Are they the right option for your home? Here are the things to know about black window frames on replacement windows. 

Are Black Window Frames More Expensive?  

For the most part, choosing a black window stain or paint will not be significantly more expensive than any other window color. That said, you want to be sure you are comparing similar products in a similar price range. Make sure you have products of the same size, type, and material. For example, comparing a black wood frame to a charcoal vinyl frame is not going to give you an accurate reflection of cost. Sure, choosing a black stain on a wood window will cost more than leaving the wood unfinished. But that has to do more with the cost of labor and extra material. But when you compare the cost of a black stain versus a brown or charcoal stain on a wood window—you will not see a significant cost increase.

Will Black Window Frames Fade?  

You should be able to enjoy your new windows for years to come. So no matter what material you choose, black window frames are designed to resist excessive fading. Fiberglass windows have a powder-coat finish that resists fading, chalking, and scratching. Vinyl windows are weather resistant and do not ever require refinishing or painting. However, black windows do tend to show dirt. So it is important to wash the fames every couple of months to keep them looking new.

Where do Black Window Frames Work Best?  

Black window frames are a stylish choice for more modern homes. They can complement a sleek and minimalist aesthetic without seeming too busy. And more traditional, farmhouse-style homes also tend to favor black window frames for contrast. But ultimately, it comes down to your style and personal preference. There is no home where black window frames are off-limits.

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What if I Only Want Black Frames on the Outside?  

That is a possibility! Many manufacturers offer window frames with two-tone options. That way you can choose one material and color for the outside of the window and different material or color for the inside.

What are the Best Windows with Black Frames?  

So many companies and providers offer black window frames for replacement windows. The best products really depend on what you need and want for your home. Consider the needs of the local climate and everyday life when choosing a window material. When choosing a window style, consider the demands of your current lifestyle. Black windows can bring natural beauty and warmth to almost any home.

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