When is it Time for Replacement Windows?

With the number of distractions on a day-to-day basis including work, kids, and errands, it’s easy to neglect certain areas of your San Diego home. One area that seems to be neglected the most by homeowners is their windows. Often, windows replacements aren’t considered until the glass shatters or breaks. However, your windows could be sending you subtle signs it’s time to begin shopping for new windows. Here, we will list a few noteworthy signs to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your windows.

1. Your Energy Bill is Too High
There are a number of reasons why your energy bill can be too high, but if you’ve taken all the right measure to make your home more eco friendly, chances are your windows are the culprits. Windows that are made from materials like wood tend to hold moisture, causing them to rot, warp, and become distorted over the years. This damage inevitably leads to drafts that allow heating and air conditioning to escape your home, raising your energy usage. By switching to a more energy-efficient material like vinyl, you won’t need to worry about weather damage or potential drafts.

2. Your Windows Have Become Difficult to Open and Shut
While there is a certain amount of resistance found with any type of window, if your morning workout is opening your windows, then it’s time for a replacement. Windows that are stuck or jammed in place are both inconvenient and dangerous. There is no telling when a jammed window may slam shut or whose hands may be in the way when they do. And what if you need to escape the house through the window in an emergency and it won’t open? To keep your family safe, invest in some new windows that function smoothly.

3. It Has Become Harder and Harder to Find Replacement Parts
When it comes to your windows, you can get away with simple repairs short term, but as time goes on you will likely need a replacement. This is especially true in instances where replacement parts for your window have become more difficult to find. If you find the majority of hardware stores no longer offer the repair parts you need, chances are your window model (and its parts) have been discontinued. This means the parts that are still in circulation will only become more expensive and difficult to find. It’s also important to keep in mind the window model has likely been discontinued for a good reason.

If you have noticed one or more of the signs above in your home, it may be time to shop for your San Marcos, CA windows replacement. At Pelican Replacement windows, we have been matching homeowners with their perfect windows for over 30 years. Our highly trained team is here to help you with every step of the process and even set you up with a free estimate for your window project. To receive your estimate give us a call at (760) 598-6422 or visit us in person at 2210 La Mirada Dr Vista, CA 92081.

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