When is the Best Season for the Installation of New Windows in Carlsbad, CA?

Getting new windows for your home is a large investment that brings several benefits. It lowers energy costs, improves safety, makes windows easier to maintain, and gives you better protection. But a lot of homeowners shopping for new windows want to know which season is best for installations. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on the best season for new windows in Carlsbad, CA:  

  1. Temperature

Caulking adheres differently if temperatures get too hot or too cold. That is why installers recommend you get new windows when it is warm, but not too warm. Luckily the weather in Carlsbad, CA is mild and rarely goes below freezing or above 80°F. These conditions are ideal for window installation almost any time of year.   

  1. Exposure

During window installation parts of your home are exposed to the outdoors for short periods of time. That is why most homeowners choose to get installations done when the weather is warm. That said, professionals can install windows in all types of weather conditions. They will remove the old window and immediately replace it with the new one, reducing the amount of exposure. They can also use tarps and sheeting to protect the opening if it does happen to rain during installation.   

  1. Installation Times

Preparations for inclement weather take more time. Installers have to be careful about cold and moisture getting into the home during installation. This slows the process and can extend the installation into an extra day or two depending on the severity of the weather. Moderate to sunny weather means workers can get the job done faster.   

  1. Safety

Another concern surrounding weather is safety. Tumultuous rain and thunderstorms can be dangerous for installers working on ladders and scaffolding. While summer thunderstorms are most common, winter storms can also be a problem for installation teams. If these crop up you might have to delay the installation of your new windows until the storm passes.   

  1. Scheduling

Many homeowners choose spring and summer for home improvement projects. This makes these months the busy season for most replacement window companies. Choosing to get windows replaced in fall or winter can make scheduling a little faster and more flexible because installers have greater availability.   

  1. Special Offers or Promotions

While it can be hard to pinpoint exactly when sales will offer promotions, you can usually count on getting better deals in the “off-season.” That said, you don’t want to put off window installation waiting for the cheapest deals. For the most part, quality windows will have similar pricing regardless of the time of year. Instead, your priority should be finding a reliable installer with quality products and brands. That way you can get windows built to last and installation you can trust to hold up for years to come.   

Finding the right time for new windows in Carlsbad, CA takes planning. Sit down with the professionals of Pelican Replacement Windows today to figure out when is the best time to schedule your installation. Call (760) 598-6422 to set up a consultation or stop by 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081.

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