Which Replacement Windows are Best for the Basement?

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Without the right windows, your basement living space will feel just like a cave. The lack of light and ventilation will make the downstairs cold, dark, and gloomy. So if you want to make the basement a more livable space you could start with replacement windows in El Cajon, CA. But choosing replacement windows for the basement is not like choosing windows for the upper levels of your home. You have to consider space restraints and building codes before moving ahead on your project. Here are some of the most popular window styles to consider for your basement:  

  1. Awning Windows

These windows work as you would expect from the name. They hinge at the top and the bottom pushes out to open, creating a small awning over the window opening. These are great for the basement because you can open them for ventilation, but still keep the elements outside, even if it is raining. Most homeowners choose to install awning windows higher up on the wall to let in more light.   

  1. Hopper Windows

These are another popular window style homeowners use in the basement. These windows are just like awning windows, only they hinge at the bottom and can open inward or outward. The latches and operation are simple and straightforward. Homeowners prefer these windows for basements that are partially above ground.   

  1. Clerestory Windows

These are fixed, narrow windows installed along the top of the wall near the ceiling. They allow homeowners to illuminate a large area of space and work especially well in the basement. You can choose to install just one or two clerestory windows, or a series of windows depending on how much natural light you want in your space.   

  1. Sliding Windows

For windows that must be installed inside a window well, sliding windows are the most popular design. They do not take up any extra space for inswing or outswing. And because they have larger openings they can usually meet the required building codes for egress windows. Homeowners typically install sliding windows in basement bedrooms and living areas.   

  1. Single Hung or Double Hung Windows

Like sliding windows, these are other window styles that do not require extra space to open and close. A single hung window features one pane that slides up and down over a fixed pane. On a double hung window, both panes are operable. While not as common as sliding windows, these are other options to consider if you want to install operable windows in your basement.   

For more information about the different window styles, and which will work best in your basement contact Pelican Replacement Windows. Our experts can help you find the right replacement windows in El Cajon, CA to install in your basement. Feel free to contact us at (760) 598-6422 to schedule an appointment. Or stop by our showroom at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081 and check out some of these products firsthand.  

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