Which Replacement Windows in San Diego, CA Improve Natural Ventilation?

Fresh air is vital for your health and well-being, which is why natural ventilation through your windows is so valuable. What is natural ventilation? It is air flowing through your home without the use of electrical or mechanical hardware. Not only does it improve the air quality inside your home, but it can also help foster passive cooling. It is great for the environment and your energy costs. And with the right replacement windows in San Diego, CA you can improve the natural ventilation in your home and start reaping the rewards. Here are the top six styles to consider:

1. Horizontal Sliders
These are a staple in almost every home. The simple operation and easy maintenance make them perfect for any room. As the name indicates, you open these windows by sliding one sash sideways over a fixed sash. These windows are also called sliders or gliders. And because they do not project or swing outside, these windows are great if you have limited opening space either inside or outside.

2. Single Hung Windows
These are horizontal sliders tipped on their side. One operable sash slides over a fixed sash. But with these styles, the pane moves up and down. Again they do not require any extra space inside or outside the home. The leading drawback is you can only ever open half of the window. As a result, you will not get as much ventilation as some other window styles that open more fully.

3. Double Hung Windows
These more traditional windows are like single hung styles, except both sashes slide up and down. Even though you can still only open half of the window at a time, you can decide to have the openings at the top and bottom. This is a great way to encourage natural ventilation. The warm air moves upward and out the top opening while cooler, fresh air moves in through the bottom.

4. Casement Windows
These windows do swing outward on a hinge, much like a door. Typically there is a hand crank, but they also can come with motors and switches. These windows are even better for ventilation because you have access to the full opening. And when the sash is open, it can help catch air that flows sidelong against the house.

5. Awning Windows
These are like casement windows, except the hinge is located at the top. Many homeowners choose these windows because they are unique, more modern, and can open for ventilation even on rainy days.

6. Bay and Bow Windows
These larger projection units feature multiple windows. Bay windows have one larger, usually fixed window with smaller, operable windows to either side. With these styles, homeowners can have a great view and great ventilation. Bow windows are four or more windows arranged on a curve. Again, clients get the best of light, view, and ventilation when they choose these windows.

Aside from style, you also need to consider the placement and orientation of your replacement windows. Windows across from each other are more likely to foster cross breezes. And windows on the upper levels of your home will help release warm, stale air while the lower windows draw the cooler air inside. It can be complicated, pinning down the best San Diego, CA replacement windows for ventilation. For more help visit the experts at Pelican Replacement Windows at 2210 La Mirada Dr., Vista, CA 92081. Or call (760) 598-6422.

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