Why are My Windows Leaking?

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Nothing is more frustrating than a leaky window. Especially when you have no idea why the window is leaking. At first, the window leak signs may be hardly noticeable. But if it goes unnoticed for too long or is not addressed, it can cause extensive and expensive damage to the home. In some cases, you can patch leaks with caulk or weather-stripping. But with more extensive leaks, it is better to get replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. Here are just a few common reasons why your windows may be leaking:

1. Wear and Tear

Windows are not going to last forever. With time and use, certain parts of the windows will wear out and break down. This is especially true of weather stripping, seals, and insulation. Eventually, gaps will start to form in the assembly and windows will start to leak.

2. Issues with Installation

One of the most common reasons for window leaks is poor installation. No matter how expensive or efficient your new window is supposed to be, if the installation is not performed properly, the window is basically useless and there is little you can do to stop it from leaking. It is like flushing money right down the drain. That is why it is so important to have your new windows installed by a reliable contractor who can warranty both the products and the installation.

3. Lack of Overhangs

Sometimes a leaky window has nothing to do with the window itself. Sometimes it is the design of the home that results in leaks. This is true of windows that do not have proper protective overhangs that are meant to direct water away. Overhands will fend away runoff water and help prevent leaks from entering the home.

4. Damaged Caulk

Caulking on the outside of windows is the primary barrier against leaks. But if caulk wears out, is broken, or missing then moisture can leak through and buildup on your windows. Caulking might not have adhered properly during installation, or has simply worn out with time and use.

replacement windows in Del Mar, CA

5. Improper Sealing

Manufacturers most often use expanding foam to seal windows. This is where accurate measurements become necessary. If the window is too small for the opening it is unacceptable to fill such large gaps with expanding foam. But if the window is the right size and they don’t use enough foam to fill the gaps, there will be an air channel that will eventually lead to water damage.

6. Poor Quality Windows

While considered a less common cause, defective window products are another reason for leaky windows. The new or replacement windows leaking could stem from manufacturing. Or they could be the product of poor shipping and handling. Either way, a clear leak early on is something that should be covered by a product warranty.

To avoid window leaks you want to get quality replacement windows in Del Mar, CA installed by professionals trained to get the job done right. Contact the window experts at Pelican Replacement Windows.

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