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Finding a window replacement company in the San Marcos area can’t be that hard right? Well let’s put up the general list of companies up to a list of standards that you set. This list of standards is something that the company either meets or it doesn’t. It isn’t like you are asking for the world. We will make a list of things that most people look for in a company and stick with the ones that are must-haves. There is nothing wrong with setting a bottom line.

The first and most important thing in looking for replacement windows is finding someone who has been doing the job for a while. Pelican Replacement Windows has been putting in replacement windows for almost 30 years. That’s a stand up company in my book! Just think about it. When something has been around for a long time then is usually means the window replacement company does a quality job and that’s why people keep going to it. Businesses don’t keep a float if they do a bad job. I don’t know about you but I don’t recommend anywhere that didn’t do a good job. Cities and businesses in San Marcos and all over the world are different in one big way. A town can’t really close down from the lack of people visiting but it leads me to my connection… if a business is a good one, they’ve been around for a while.

If a business isn’t any good it shuts down because there wasn’t a reason for people to keep going back. When looking for replacement windows you should probably start with those businesses that have at least 20 or 30 years under their belt. If you start there then you can assure yourself that the job will be done with quality in mind and therefore you can put your mind at ease.

What is next? Give them a call! Any company worth looking into will have a phone number to reach them and will have no issues with any questions you might have including those about prices. Pelican Replacement Windows is one of those companies you can feel free to call. If the company you are looking at won’t give you a quote then I don’t know about you but I feel that there is something not quite right going on. Either they don’t know what they are talking about or it might be a sign that the company might not be what they are trying to portray themselves as on the Internet. If you followed the first couple of requirements then you shouldn’t run into any issues with the company not giving you a quote for free. It shouldn’t cost you a dime for you to call them up and ask how much the San Marcos window replacement job you want done will cost.

Let’s just be honest, money is an important factor when looking for a window replacement company. You can’t always say the cheapest is the one to pick; because let’s face it… the price is cheapest for a reason. But usually you can stick to a price somewhere near the low end and still come out with a job well done.

When looking into a business a little closer a big factor in checking out a window replacement company’s professionalism and customer appreciation is the way that they lay out the website. Pelican Replacement Windows has a beautifully lain out website that makes anything you need to know about the window replacement business a snap to find out. All the good elements of a good website includes multiple tabs across the top so you can get to the information that you want to know quickly, an easily seen phone number or contact us tab that can lead you to getting in touch with them quickly if you so desire, an area where they express the highlights of their business such as naming awards that they have been presented with and last but not least a blog section where the company posts recent updates on anything they think a customer might want to know. Pelican Replacement Windows fits all of the qualifications of a good company website. What about the company that you might also be looking at?

The last and, possibly, most important step when looking at a replacement windows company is finding one that offers a lifetime warranty on the product they install. If nothing else I personally seek out the lifetime warranty because it promises quality is something that is important to the company. Sure it’s nice to know that if the window ever breaks from faulty make that you have that assurance. Not every company will give that guarantee. Pelican Replacement Windows offer products that have a lifetime guarantee on them and they offer a guarantee on the labor to the original homeowner. This is the icing on the cake step that will move a good window replacement company to a great one! It pulls them away from the crowd and really makes them stand out. A lifetime warranty is the one of the only ways I feel I can really trust a company anymore. Many times the installation company itself offers a 5-year or 10-year warranty on the installation itself as well. Unfortunately there are too many companies in life that can’t make a lifetime warranty promise anymore, but don’t let a window be one of them because they are out there.

When looking for a replacement windows company, think about what standards you are setting for them to make. Everything worthwhile meets a certain set of standards. If they meet the standards you set then it helps bring them above the others and it shows their desire to prove their quality to the world and to you. Pelican Replacement Windows is a company that strives to serve the customer first and sets many standards for itself. Before you choose a San Marcos replacement window company think about what standards are musts for you.

Replacement Window and Doors FAQs

How Do I Know if My Windows Need a Replacement?

There are a few signs that can indicate that your windows may need to be replaced. These include drafts, difficulty opening or closing the windows, visible damage or decay, fogging or condensation between the panes of glass, and an increase in your energy bills. If you're unsure whether your windows need to be replaced, a professional window contractor can provide an evaluation.

How Do I Maintain My Replacement Windows?

Maintaining your replacement windows can help extend their lifespan and keep them functioning properly. Regular cleaning and lubrication of moving parts, such as hinges and locks, is recommended. It's also important to keep the tracks and weep holes clear of debris to prevent water damage and mold growth. Here is how to clean and maintain your vinyl windows.

Can Replacement Windows Increase the Value of My Home?

Replacing old, inefficient windows with new, energy-efficient ones can increase the value of your home by improving its curb appeal and energy efficiency. If you intend to sell your house at a later time, this could be particularly advantageous.

Do I Need a Permit to Replace Windows in California?

Yes, securing a permit for window replacement is essential, as outlined in Section 1030 of the 2022 California Building Code and Section 310 of the 2022 California Residential Code. This requirement is in place to ensure the safe completion of projects.

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